Jamal PVC Pipe (Pvt.) Limited maintains a continuous and strict control over quality of the pipes through every stage of its process. The plant is laid out to permit careful supervision of the blending process as well as close production control. Trained engineers and a well –equipped testing laboratory help in regular quality checks in accordance with the established procedures to ensure conformity of the products to applicable specifications with respect to thickness, dimensional and other checks through the various stages of production. In this way, a product of high purity and, mechanical strength is ensured. The importance of this rigid control cannot be over emphasized, since the user is rarely in a position to carry out more that the most perfunctory test or make simple visual comparison.

Some of the important test conducted on the PVC Pipes during and after the production with the use of sophisticated machinery is as follows:

  • Impact Resistance Test.
  • Pressure Test (Hydrostatic)
  • Opacity Test
  • Dimension Checking.
  • Fracture Toughness.
  • Superficial Appearance
  • Longitudinal reversion (Heat reversion)
  • Resistance to delimitation.
  • Specific Gravity Test

Verification Controls

After 24 hours of production, samples are drawn as per required sampling plan and the same are tested for the presence of defects like flakes, chips, holes, irregular shapes, cracks, scratches, roughness etc.