Who We Are

Jamal Group of Industries is the leading producer of UVPC, HDPE Pipes & fittings, MS and GI Pipes, Light poles of all types (High Tension, Tubular, Round Conical and Octagonal), Guard Rails and W-Beams including state of the art galvanizing facility in Lahore, Pakistan.

The founder of the group Mr. Haji Jamal Din being a thorough professional was engaged in this business since inception of Pakistan. He transformed his ideas to establish the local industry in Pakistan and after successful ventures, the Jamal Group of companies were formed in 1981.

Jamal PVC Pipe (Pvt) Limited was established in 2006 with the aim to be the largest manufacturer of UPVC and HDPE pipes in Pakistan to cater public, industrial, commercial, private and consumer segments. Currently Polymer section has a per month capacity of 1500 tons to meet the mass level projects in Pakistan as well.

The Company is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and PSQCA certified. Hence manufactures its products HDPE Pipes (20mm to 1200mm and UPVC 1/2” to 16”) according to the highest international standards and specifications.


Our vision includes expanding our company into Pakistani markets by becoming a low-cost, high-value provider of quality products. We aim to reduce time-to-market relative to the competition. Through the usage of key business markers, we work to reach 100% quality and 100% on-time delivery to develop satisfied customers with which we can grow. JAMAL will use the best people and technology to produce product better and faster. Our workforce will be trained in critical skill areas to remain competitive. We will foster a Rapid Response Company Culture that seeks a simple solution to any challenge.


JAMAL employees are committed for continuous improvement in order to achieve excellence, by empowering people to think and communicate ideas that will benefit both the customer and our company.


JAMAL recognizes the importance of the putting the following values into practice. These principles guide our decisions, our actions and ultimately lead to our success:

  • We ensure a safe work environment. We maintain a physically safe facility, and provide a workplace where employees can freely express their professional opinions, beliefs and ideas.
  • We uphold a culture of respect and dignity. We take pride in the contributions and diversity of ideas of our team members, and endeavor to understand each other by putting ourselves “in one another’s shoes.”
  • We inspire empowerment. We encourage problem-solving, communication and employee involvement at every level of the company. We strive to continually learn, adapt and move forward.
  • We act in stewardship. Employees carefully manage company resources as if they were their own, and respect our customers’ time, financial investments, and the work they entrust to us.
  • We appreciate the importance of a work-life balance, and we recognize that the best balance between work, family, self, friends, and community is different for each individual. We know that a positive work-life balance drives each individual in attaining achievement and enjoyment in his or her daily pursuits.