Non Pressure Pipes

Our vision is to prove Jamal PVC Pipe (Pvt.) Limited as the world class manufacturers of uPVC non pressure pipes for drainage. We extend to maintain precise quality standards and preserves consistency in production at every stage, effortlessly in compliance with the requirement of ISO 9001 : 2008
Our strength lies in pre-empting customer expectation and product demands. It is this anticipation of market needs and our unwavering commitment to ethical practices that places us as reliable source for quality products.
Our unit is a blend of high tech modern machines and equipment, thus rendering the very high standard of modern and hygienically tested wide range of products including non pressure pipes of sizes ranging from 3” to 6” dia.

Cable Ducting

In addition, non pressure pipes are also manufactured in conformity with BS-3506, generally used for cable ducting and other non-pressure application.

Soil, Waste & Vent Piping System

Jamal SWV (Soil, Waste & Vent) is a complete piping system made of un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride (U-PVC) compound. Jamal SWV piping system is manufactured in conformity with BS-4514 and BS-5255 Jamal SWV innovative system has emerged as the most valuable piping system, especially in comparison to traditional and bulky cast iron piping system. Its unrivalled quality and ultimate customers experience has made it popular amongst architects, consultants, engineers, installers and plumbing contractors.

Features and Benefits

  • High quality of finish with smooth internal (preventing the build up of deposits) and external surface
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals found in domestic effluent
  • Light weight of the system makes it easy to install
  • A complete plastic system resistance to organic growth and corrosion, allowing high flow speeds of transported liquids
  • It provide reliable, effiecnet and durable connection
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Extensive utilisation – wide range of fittings offers multiple solutions.